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Wednesday, March 19th 2008

8:30 PM

...And a Few Loose Screws

We used this method awhile back to remove paint from the hardware that we’ll be keeping.  The metal window sash lifts and door parts were painted several times over the years.  We discovered this technique in This Old House and gave it a shot.  It actually worked amazingly well and so we’re trying it again.

The various parts were removed..

...and placed in the crock pot with two tablespoons of liquid laundry detergent. 

Overnight, years of paint slide right off! 

After some scrubbing, the old parts were off to Reading Plating and Metal Works for a coat of nickel in a satin finish. 

The parts were finished a few days later and they look amazing. 

The intricate detail of this original hardware is hard to find.  Though not inexpensive, we’re committed to preserving as much of this house as practical.

You have to have a few screws loose to go to the lengths that we home "restovators" do all in the name of a few door parts.  And speaking of screws...yep, we even had them plated too!

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Posted by agota:

wow, you guys are doing an awesome job restoring that victorian. i love your attention to detail! thank you for sharing.
Wednesday, March 26th 2008 @ 10:04 PM

Posted by Lynn:

Friday, March 21st 2008 @ 12:28 PM

Posted by Jenni:

:) That is the prettiest hardware ever!!
Friday, March 21st 2008 @ 8:15 AM

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