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Thursday, October 11th 2007

8:30 AM

Two and a Half Tons of Fun

We took a week off from work to...wait for it...wait for it...WORK ON THE HOUSE!

And work we have!!  We started last week removing the doors, trim, and mouldings that we’ll save to reuse or repurpose.  We’ve mentioned that two closets were added back in the 1944 remodel to divide a larger bedroom into two rooms on the second floor.  One was listed as “bedroom #1” and the other as “sewing room."  In this photo, the sewing room is on the left with the bedroom on the right.  The bank of closets sits in the middle, diving the two.

The sewing room is far too small to be useful, so we decided to remove the closets and take the space back to the original floor plan which will now make the room 26 feet long and 11 feet wide.  With the high 10 foot ceilings, it is quite an impressive space that will make a fantastic master suite. 

Before we started the demo, Rich built a chute to speed the removal of the debris from the second floor to outside. 

Plastic went up to keep the dust in the rest of the house and this area to a minimum.

The plaster and the framing was taken down...

...and after hours and hours of sweat, a little blood, and some minor damage to the tailgate of the truck, we ended up with about a ton and a half of construction debris. That, and another ton of waste left over from the pantry and ongoing bathroom renovation, we ended up with two and a half tons.

We took a total of three loads to a facility that specializes in construction and demolition debris.  The employees there run an efficient operation:  You drive in and the truck is weighed.  Dump your stuff.  Drive out and get weighed again.  Pay through a bank-like teller tube, and you’re off.  About 30% of the bulk materials ends up recycled, which is 30% that doesn’t end up in a landfill.  Reduce, Reuse, recycle.

During this process, we discovered a few things... 

1.  The space may have been divided into two rooms without closets prior to the 1944 remodel.  There were two different wallpapers used where a wall would have divided the rooms... 

The wallpapers are beautiful, silk-screened prints colorful like the ones that were uncovered during the kitchen renovation.  Also, original door openings were about 7 feet high.

2.  Keeping the temporary kitchen that we set up in the basement for the kitchen remodel was a great idea.  For days like this when we’re too dirty to venture too far into the house, it’s a great thing to have.

3.  Double the amount of time you think it will take for any project.  It usually will no matter how organized you are!

Though the closets are down, there is quite a bit of plaster work left to do but we'll finish a few of our other ongoing projects and return to this one early next year.  In this case, time is beneficial so you can live in and get a feel for the room now that the closets are down.
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Posted by Cathy:

Hi Rich & Brett,

Just wanted to let you know that an article about your work on Kraemer Lane has been written and included alongside your entry in the Remodel, Blog & Win online contest at RemodelingMySpace.com

It can be viewed here:


Hope you approve!:)
Thursday, October 11th 2007 @ 6:39 PM

Posted by Jackie:

Wow! That chute is impressive! That work alone must have taken a long time!
Thursday, October 11th 2007 @ 3:37 PM

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